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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Law

Introduction Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. The technology has the potential to improve the way we do everything, from driving to shopping and even finding love. But as we embrace AI, there are many ethical questions that arise. In this article, Wade Kricken will explore what artificial intelligence is […]

The Impact of Technology on the Legal Profession

Introduction The legal profession has long been resistant to change, but in recent years the use of technology has begun to disrupt it. There are many ways that technology is changing the field, including artificial intelligence (AI), legal tech and blockchain. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in many aspects of the legal […]

The Role of Lawyers in Social Justice Movements

Introduction The role of lawyers in social justice movements is an important one. Lawyers play a critical part in the success of social justice movements and can help ensure that their clients’ voices are heard. The Role of Lawyers in Social Justice Movements The Role of Lawyers in Social Justice Movements Say’s Wade Kricken , […]

The impact of social media on employment law and privacy rights

Introduction The rise of social media has changed the way many people conduct their lives, as well as their professional activities. Employers can use social media to check job applicants’ online presence and evaluate their suitability for a position, but only if they do so in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Say’s Wade Kricken […]

How to protect your intellectual property rights as a small business owner

Introduction The simple fact is that you can’t protect your intellectual property rights if you don’t know what they are. Before we get started, I want to explain what “intellectual property” means. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, “Intellectual property” is “a broad term for a category of intangible assets that […]

The legalities surrounding medical malpractice claims

Introduction Medical malpractice is a serious matter, and it can have devastating consequences for patients. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they have been injured by medical malpractice until it’s too late. Say’s Wade Kricken, if you or someone you love has been harmed due to preventable mistakes or negligence from a health care provider, it’s […]

The most common Real Estate law suits.

Introduction Real estate law is a complex area of the law and can be difficult to navigate. Says Wade Kricken as a buyer or seller, it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities under state law. Here are some of the most common real estate law suits: Sellers must disclose known issues with the property. […]