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This website was created to give information about Wade Kricken, an attorney with two decades of experience. On this site you can find a full bio about Mr. Kricken, as well as current information on real estate law and litigation, which are his areas of expertise.

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This website was made in order to provide further information about Wade Kricken as well as to serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in finding out more about real estate law and litigation. Mr. Kricken has been helping people as a litigator in many differing areas over the last 20 years and has even run his own practice for more than a decade. If you would like to learn even more about Wade Kricken and his career, his full bio is available on the About Page, or, to get in touch with him, fill out the form located on the Contact page.


Wade Kricken

wade kricken

Attorney based in Dallas, Texas

Wade Kricken has been a litigator in a large variety of cases over his career, which spans two decades. However, his main area of focus is in real estate law and litigation. He has run his own law practice since 2008, and over his time there has litigated more than one thousand cases.


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Wade is an attorney with a focus in real estate law and litigation. If you are interested in in getting in touch with him, please feel free to reach out by using the form hosted on the Contact Page and he will reply to you shortly. In addition to real estate law, Mr. Kricken is also familiar with many other areas of law. To learn more about Wade Kricken, you should click the link to the About Page and check out his full bio and history of accomplishments.

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Here you can view information about real estate law and litigation meant for those who have questions regarding the field or those who just want to learn more about how it works. Our Blog Archives also have advice and helpful tips that Mr. Kricken has shared from his own experience. As a leader in the field for over two decades, Wade Kricken is a well respected leader in real estate law and litigation. To learn more about your real estate law and litigation options, read through the articles found in our Blog.


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Get in contact with Wade Kricken to hear more about real estate law and litigation. If you also work in the field and are interested in connecting or networking with Wade, or have any business opportunities to collaborate, then feel free to get in touch by filling out the form located on the Contact Page and Mr. Kricken will get back to you as quickly as he can.


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